Non-visual IP Intercom Indoor Station Model I2

The IP intercom system has a bell panel, an indoor unit, and POE distribution switches. Apart from all of these, there is no need for this material. All incoming calls to the flat are recorded on indoor monitors. All apartments in the building can call each other. If you do not want to take advantage of this feature, you can disable this feature via the software. Thanks to IP intercom systems, you can take instant photos. Even when you are not at home, this system records the picture of the person who comes to your home or office and records them so that you can be aware of the calls. Non-visual IP Intercom Indoor unit uses the concise white ABS panel material, simple mechanical button operation will bring you comfortable usage experience and visual enjoyment. When the device accepts an incoming call and is vibrating with a ringing tone, the user can directly press the unlock key to perform an unlocking operation while taking the handle to implement intercom, unlocking, decline operations, etc. The device sends an alarm sound after the detector triggers the alarm. At this time, the user can take off the handle or press any key to eliminate the alarm.

Products Details

Panel Material Plastic
Color White
Operation Mechanical Button
Speaker , 1.5W
Microphone -56dB
Working Voltage DC24~48V±10%(PoE)
Standby Power Consumption ≤1.1W
Max Power Consumption ≤1.5W
Working Temperature -25°C to 40℃
Storage Temperature -40°C to 60°C
Working Humidity 10 to 90% RH
IP Grade IP30
Interface Power In port; RJ45 Port; Alarm In Port
Installation 86 Box Installation or Fixed By Screws
Dimension (mm) 188*83*42
• Handset Intercom • Support Privacy Mode • Support Digital Intercom • Support Unlock • Audio Intercom • Security Alarm • Don't Disturb Mode • Call Center • Anti-dismantle Alarm  • Emergency Help • Security Alarm • Secondary Doorbell

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