Matter Smart Human Infrared Detector JSL-HRM

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Operating voltage:  DC3V
Wireless distance: ≤70m(Open area)
Detection distance: 7m
Detection angle: 110 degrees
Operating temperature:  -10°c ~ +55°c
Operating humidity: 45%-95%
Materials: ABS
 Real Time Detection Whole Room Scene Linkage The smart human infrared detector can sense the movement of the human body and link with other smart devices to achieve the whole room scene linkage. 360 °rotating bracket Security monitoring sensing Illumination Remote reminder Scene linkage
Low power design Long battery life It is designed with ultra-low power consumption. A CR2450 button battery can be used for up to one year in normal environment. The low voltage of the battery will automatically report to the APP to remind the user to replace the battery. Stable and Reliable The automatic threshold adjustment technology and automatic temperature compensation design are adopted to enhance the stability of the detector, which can effectively prevent the detector from misreporting or reducing the sensitivity of the detector due to temperature changes. Intelligent Security Abnormal Reminder When the gateway is in the deployment state, the detector will send a signal to the smart gateway when it detects that someone is moving, and the smart gateway will remotely push a reminder message to the mobile APP through the ECS.

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